Vendor Application Form


All vendors must have an application form on file with the Mexican Society of Edmonton to be considered for event space rental. Preference will be given to current long term vendors, provided they are held in good standing with the Mexican Society of Edmonton. All products being sold in the Events will comply with applicable Provincial and Federal regulations regarding labeling, measuring, safety, etc. Compliance with these regulations is the responsibility of the individual vendor. Live animals cannot be sold or given away at the events.


  • Qualified Artisan/Craftsperson – Artists or craft persons selling products that are self-produced and can easily be identified as handicrafts.
  • For vendors selling any type of food products: Vendors selling food must meet all Food Safety guidelines as outlined by Alberta Health Services. Please contact AHS at 780-460-4751 or for more information.
  • The Mexican Society of Edmonton reserves the right to prohibit product in a vendor’s product line if the Event Manager deems that it weakens the authentic social and cultural experience of the Event.


  • Vendors are only permitted to sell approved items listed on their Product Approval letter. Any changes or additions to product lines must be submitted in writing and approved by the Mexican Society of Edmonton Administration in advance.
  • Vendors are responsible for the stall they have been assigned. If space will not be utilized for a specific date, notice must be given as early as possible. All vendors are required to provide 7-days written notice whenever possible. The cancellation notice allows us to make adjustments so that the event does not appear to have empty stalls. In the event of an emergency and/or last-minute cancellation, please phone the Event Manager to the phone number indicated on the event application form. Please keep in mind that there are NO refunds for missed or canceled days.
  • Vendors are not permitted to loan, sublease or give away the stall(s) they are assigned. Stalls cannot be shared (only one business may operate per stall).
  • All stalls are defined as per dimensions indicated on the event form.
  • Vendors MUST be set up in their stall and ready to operate by the time indicated in the event form, at which time set up access will be closed. All vehicles used for set-up must also be off the entrance of the venue at this time and parked in the designated vendor parking areas if available. Stalls that are vacant after this time may be reassigned to another vendor. No refunds or date exchanges will be given to vendors arriving late where stalls have been reassigned or are no longer accessible.
  • Sold out vendors must display a “sold out” sign on their table and remain completely set up until the end of the event. Vendors are not permitted to pack-up and leave the event early.
  • All vendors must remove their own garbage after every event day. Vendors shall keep their space in a clean and orderly state during the occupation and upon leaving shall remove all refuse and litter. Waste containers on the event are for the use of the general public and should not be used by vendors. Under NO circumstances should a vendor dispose of any by-product of operation (cooking waste, expired produce, product packaging, etc…) in waste receptacles, drainage systems, or planting beds.
  • Vendors must ensure their booth is properly manned at all times. Sales must be conducted in an orderly and business-like way. No shouting or other objectionable means of soliciting trade are permitted.
  • Vendors must not practice distress pricing by undercutting other vendors or dumping products at bargain or sale prices. Each vendor will be responsible for his or her own sales tax collection, where applicable.
  • Vendors are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, permits, inspections, and certificates for the sale of their products.

Each individual Vendor must obtain their own business insurance including but not limited to property damage and personal injury insurance, automobile insurance, and product liability insurance. The Vendor acknowledges and agrees that the Mexican Society of Edmonton will not be responsible for any injury incurred by a person or persons, vehicle, equipment or otherwise on the site of any event.

Posada Navideña Event Specific Information


  • Artisan/Craftsperson $60
  • Snack Vendor $80
  • Food vendor $250


The Event Posada Navideña must be booked and paid in full by December 7, 2019.


Vendor Setup – 5:00 pm
Vendor Tear Down – At the Vendor’s discretion any time after 8:00 pm

By checking this box you agree to submit your payment promptly if we approve your application, and you agree to the terms and conditions stated above this form.